LHS Clubs and Activities

Spanish Club - Tedro

French Club- Mrs. Graves

Student Council- Mrs. Risacher

Beta Club- Mrs.Christmas, Mrs. McAtee

Teens For Christ- Mrs. Vanhoy

Academic Coordinator- Mrs. Christmas

Math Bowl- 

Spell Bowl- Mr. Christmas

Social Studies- Mr. Christmas

Right To Life Club- Mrs.Hohl

Recycling Club- Mrs. Graves

FFA Club- Mr. Mayfield

Academic Club- Mrs. Christmas

SADD Club- Mrs.Hohl

Band Director - Mrs. Hamm

Jr/Sr High Academic Team Coordinator - Mrs. Christmas

HS Academic Math Coach - Mrs. Tippery

HS Science Academic Coach - Mrs. Tippery

HS English Academic Coach - Mrs. Hohl-Schneider

HS Social Studies Academic Coach - Mr. Christmas

HS Fine Arts Academic Coach - Mr. Walton

HS Spanish Academic Coach - Mrs. Tedrow

HS Spell Bowl Coach - Mr. Christmas

Junior Class Co-Sponsors -  Mrs. Truelove, Mrs. McAtee

Senior Class Co-Sponsors - Mrs. Christmas, Mrs. Lengacher

Lionette Co-Sponsors - Mrs. Smith, Mrs Lingenfelter

Vocal Music Director - Mrs. Mosby

Vocal Musical Director - Lindsey Walton

Intramural Basketball Co-Sponsors - Mr. Martin, Mr. Riley

Yearbook 9-12 - Mrs. Jones

Musical Tickets/Publicity - Lindsey Walton

Musical Costumes - Kay Summers

Musical Props - Jolene McAtee

Musical Choreography - Lindsey Walton

Musical Stage Co-directors - Mr. Graves, Mr. Williams

Lion Pride Pep Club Co-Sponsors - 

Cadet Teachers - Mrs. Anderson